creepy humor

We started watching “Breathless” last Thursday. Funny… every episode begins and ends in the same way.

Me: Come on, it’s starting.

GF: (sits down and hums the theme song)

Me: (trying to focus on what’s going on and who is who)

GF: (asks me a bunch of questions about things I have no idea and we’re watching from the same moment)

Me: (trying not to fall asleep, but finally doing it anyway)

GF: (when credits start to roll) Hey, wake up and go to bed.

Me: No, no… I’m awake. Sooo… what’s happened?

GF: (rolls her eyes and tells me the whole episode)

Next week:

GF: (asks questions like she actually didn’t watch the show and I did)

Me: (falls asleep almost at the beginning of the new episode)

GF: (wakes me when it’s finished)

Me: (pretends to be very disappointed that I didn’t manage to watch it again)

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